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Serama Chicken

chickens Serama chickens are a small and beautiful breed of chicken originating from Malaysia. They are a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers due to their small size and charming looks. The Serama chicken is the smallest recognized breed of… Continue Reading →

Sebright Chicken

The Sebright Chicken is a small, gentle and friendly breed of chicken that was first developed in England, in the late 18th century, by Sir John Saunders Sebright. Sebright Chickens are beautiful birds that come in both silver and gold… Continue Reading →

Pekin Bantam Chicken

chickens Pekin Bantam chickens are among the most popular and recognizable breeds of chickens around. As their name implies, they are small in stature, typically weighing in at only two to two-and-a-half pounds as adults. They are also identified by… Continue Reading →

Dutch Bantam Chicken

The Dutch Bantam is a type of chicken that is incredibly popular with poultry fanciers due to its colorful feathers and active disposition. Bantams, as they are commonly called, are small chickens that have been selectively bred over time to… Continue Reading →

Booted Bantam Chicken

The Booted Bantam is a breed of chicken known for its unique and adorable booted feet. The breed is believed to have originated in Belgium in the late 19th century, and its popularity has spread throughout Europe, North America, and… Continue Reading →

Barbu d’Uccle Chicken

The Barbu d’Uccle or Beveren, is a breed of Belgian chicken that originated in the Flemish region of Belgium. It is named after the Belgian town of Beveren. This breed is known for its beautiful crest and muffed feathers. They… Continue Reading →

Cornish Cross Chicken

Chickens Cornish Cross chickens, also referred to as Cornish X, are a breed of chicken that is the most common chicken breed used for meat production in the United States. They are a hybrid breed of chicken that is a… Continue Reading →

Bresse Chicken

chickens The Bresse chicken is a breed of poultry that is renowned for its delicious, tender, juicy flesh. It is one of the most sought-after poultry breeds in the world, prized for its flavour and texture. The Bresse chicken is… Continue Reading →

Silkie Chicken

Chickens Silkie Chickens, also known as Chinese Silk Chickens, are a breed of chicken known for their soft and fluffy feathers. Silkie chickens come in a variety of colours, from black, white, buff, blue, grey, partridge and even cuckoo. They… Continue Reading →

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