Hi, Nice to meet you, I’m Jeff. I’m an IT nerd who has been working in the field for about fifteen years. For the last few years I’ve been feeling stuck with the status of “employee,” I’ve even come to accept that as my fate until retirement. Until now, I’ve decided to change that.

Starting now I’m done with Easy. I’m going to document my journey to educate myself, make better decisions about how I earn my money and what I invest my money in. If it all works out to plan, I may be able to retire early from “employee” status and become a business owner who invests in assets that I find interesting. I’m planning to fail. I’m planning to make mistakes. But I will no longer allow my failures and mistakes to deter me or cause me to give up.

I want to share this journey in an attempt to inspire others to not be afraid of changing your perspective. I don’t think its fair for people to think the only way to live is to work your whole life, with the dream of retirement, but then when retirement comes, you realize you are poor.

If you realize you are poor when you retire, its too late, you are screwed. The sooner you figure out that TIME is your most valuable asset, the better off you’ll be.

Its time to be done with Easy.